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Ciliegiolo: Fruity red wine flagship of the Rascioni and Cecconello winery

Ciliegiolo Varietal: The Grape of the Tuscan Maremma

Since 1988, the Rascioni and Cecconello winery has revolutionized the production of Ciliegiolo, elevating it to a symbol of excellence in the Tuscan Maremma. With the launch of Poggio Ciliegio, they have transformed this traditional grape variety into an internationally renowned wine, prized for its purity and organic quality.

Ciliegiolo, a historic grape variety of the Tuscan Maremma, has found extraordinary expression thanks to the pioneering enterprise of the Rascioni and Cecconello company. Since 1988, the winery has distinguished itself by producing pure and organic Ciliegiolo, demonstrating a deep belief in the potential of this unique grape variety.

A History of Innovation and Excellence

Under the passionate leadership of Paolino Cecconello and Vinicia Rascioni, Rascioni e Cecconello has invested in Ciliegiolo with the intent of enhancing the distinctive qualities of this grape. With the launch of their Poggio Ciliegio wine in 1988, the winery not only transformed Ciliegiolo from a forgotten grape variety to a Tuscan wine star, but also positioned the Rascioni and Cecconello name on an international platform.

International Recognition and Critical Appreciation.

The exceptional quality of Poggio Ciliegio has captured the attention of wine critics and enthusiasts around the world. Prestigious awards have been given by leading wine guides, including Robert Parker, Wine Spectator and the L’Espresso Guide. Noted Italian critic Luigi Veronelli awarded Poggio Ciliegio the “Veronelli Sun,” repeatedly praising the winery’s work during his visits.

Il Poggio Ciliegio: A Masterpiece of Flavor and Tradition

Poggio Ciliegio stands out for its distinctive character and intense expression of Maremma terroir. This wine not only reflects the fruity aroma and softness typical of Ciliegiolo, but also enriches the palate with a complexity that tells of the land from which it comes. It is the result of an uncompromising dedication to quality and organic farming, principles that have always guided the company.

Taking Cherry Trees Beyond the Boundaries.

Thanks to the efforts of Rascioni and Cecconello, Ciliegiolo is now known and appreciated far beyond the borders of Tuscany. The company continues to work with the desire to keep the name of the prized red wine high in the world, promoting not only a grape variety, but also a culture and passion for the product that is deeply rooted in the Tuscan land.

Ciliegiolo : Wine Characteristics

Ciliegiolo wine is distinguished by its ruby red color, with hues that can vary from purplish to garnet depending on aging. On the nose, it offers a complex bouquet where notes of cherry, red fruits and sometimes spices or herbs dominate. In the mouth, this wine is medium tannic, with good acidity that ensures its freshness and drinkability. As it ages, it can develop additional underbrush and tobacco undertones.

Poggio Ciliegio IGT Ciliegiolo BIO

Pure Ciliegiolo IGT Toscana represents the flagship wine of our winery, made from Ciliegiolo grapes from the oldest vineyards.

This wine stands out for its depth and extreme longevity. Being the ultimate expression of this fantastic variety, Poggio Ciliegio IGT Toscana Rosso, composed of 100 percent Ciliegiolo grapes, is the flagship of our historic Maremma estate.

The grapes, sourced from vineyards older than 45 years, undergo vinification in concrete tanks, followed by passage in large, unroasted 5-hl barrels for 12 months.

Next, blending in cement vats and aging in bottles takes place.

Rotulaia IGT Ciliegiolo BIO

Vintage: 2022

Rotulaia is a 100 percent IGT Toscana Ciliegiolo, a wine that embodies the typicality of the territory and of the winery’s distinctive grape variety.

This fresh and fragrant version is distinguished by its characteristic spicy notes, giving the palate a unique experience.

Sourced from 35-year-old vines, this wine is made from Ciliegiolo grapes. The winemaking process takes place in concrete tanks, followed by a period of aging and bottling the following spring.

This ensures the preservation of fresh and lively qualities, making the product an ideal choice for those looking for an elegant, fine, balanced drink full of character. .

Certified quality and authenticity of our wines

Also confirming the excellent quality of our cherry vine and wine is the University of Pisa, which has been researching since the 1990s under the leadership of Professor Scalabrelli. Initially, the focus was on studying our scions, work that helped define the quality and authenticity of our wines. Today, we continue to conduct extensive research and field experiments to deepen our knowledge and improve the production of this extraordinary native grape variety.

Ciliegiolo : Ideal Gastronomic Pairings

Ciliegiolo wine, with its depth, complexity and concentration, offers an exceptional gastronomic experience, making it theperfect accompaniment to a variety of dishes. Its robust structure and intense aromatic notes pair beautifully with rich, flavorful dishes.

Red Meats and Game

This wine is especially exalted when served with red meats, such as filet and tagliata, where its richness can balance the succulence of the meat. It is equally excellent with game, where the ripe fruit and spice notes of the wine complement the intense, slightly wild flavors of the meat.

Cold Cuts and Cheeses

A classic pairing sees it alongside a selection of sliced and cured meats, where its fruity character and moderate acidity cut through the fat and intensity of smoky flavors. Hard cheeses, with their richness and often grainy texture, find an ideal partner in this wine because of its ability to cleanse the palate and prepare it for the next bite.

Game Dishes and Appetizers

Rich and aromatic game dishes are also excellent pairings. The intensity of the wine complements these dishes without overpowering them, creating a harmonious balance of flavors. Surprisingly versatile, Ciliegiolo is also perfect for aperitifs, offering a lively and appealing start to any meal.

Innovative Pairings: Bluefish

In a continuing quest for innovation, some renowned restaurateurs in the area have also begun pairing this Tuscan wine with bluefish. This unusual but effective pairing takes advantage of the wine’s structure to counteract the rich fat content of the fish, demonstrating the extraordinary versatility of Ciliegiolo.

The Ciliegiolo of the Tuscan Maremma, with its rich heritage and yet-to-be-explored potential, confirms itself as one of the gems of Italian viticulture, a symbol of a land that has not ceased to amaze and enchant wine lovers.

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