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Between sea breeze and vineyard: the birth of Rascioni & Cecconello and pure Ciliegiolo

A sea breeze, light and fragrant, glides through the hills of Maremma, carrying with it the essence of the sea and the secret of an ancient winemaking tradition.
Paolino Cecconello, grandfather of those who now lead Rascioni & Cecconllo, is drawn to that breeze and decides to follow its call to that fascinating terrain.

Paolino Cecconello, of Venetian origin but Milanese by adoption, and Vinicia Rascioni, a native of Marche who spent her adolescence in Maremma, meets and falls in love in Milan. After years of hard work and running a construction business, they choose to leave the chaotic city life behind.

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December 1973:

The arrival in Maremma

They choose as their refuge the Maremma, an unspoiled place where life can only be slow and calm. “A hill with a big oak tree” is the only request of the beloved Vinicia.

When Paolino and Vinicia Rascioni, wandering around Tuscany looking for land in which to transplant their new life, they arrive, they come across a field just like the one their wife imagined: wide, pristine and with a large oak tree dominating it. What strikes them, however, is not the large tree, but a gentle sea breeze that tickles their faces and lifts an intense scent of salt and red fruits. At the bottom of the plot, on the right, they glimpse from a distance a small vineyard left to its own devices.

It was at that moment, caressed by the sea wind, that Paolino and Vinicia chose that land, with no electricity, water or telephone line, to build their future home. Day after day of hard work to build their new home, Paolino is increasingly intrigued by that small vineyard at the end of the field. He notices that in the morning the vines are always wet with a sparkling dew, while in the evening they are lightly stirred by the salty sea breeze, unleashing an intoxicating scent, which Paolino later discovers is that of cherry trees.

Animated by their trademark creativity, the couple decided to start winemaking, and with the help of their dear friend and oenologist Attilio Pagli they discovered that that small vineyard seemed to hold the antiquity of those lands. It is a sign of destiny.

Also playing an important role in the history of Ciliegiolo and the Rascioni and Cecconello family business is Enrico Casini, Vinicia and Paolino’s son-in-law. Originally a journalist, he was one of the first to believe in the potential of ciliegiolo, not only as a grape variety, but as a symbol of winemaking excellence. Thanks to his work and passion, the cherry tree knows a real boom, transforming the lives of Paolino Cecconello and Vinicia Rascioni from simple farmers to prestigious wine producers.

In fact, with the advice of Attilio and Enrico, Paolino began to understand the added value of that soil and the vine that grows there. The sea breeze that blows in from the nearby coast, gently caressing the vines, helps to maintain a moderate temperature during the hot summers and preserve the acidity and aroma of the grapes. The Maremma’s sandy, clay soil promotes perfect water drainage, preventing disease and ensuring healthy plants.

During those years, Enrico played a key role in bringing attention to Rascioni and Cecconello, inviting industry experts and wine guides to visit our winery and learn about our wines. He also shares his culinary experience with the family, becoming the cooking master of Sabrina, Vinicia and Paolino’s daughter, thus helping to shape our family’s culinary tradition. His legacy lives on today, enriching our heritage of knowledge and passion for wine and good food.


Poggio Ciliegio is born

Thus, with determination and love for tradition, the Rascioni and Cecconello company was born and grew. In 1988 are born on the Cherry Knoll, a reserve made from pure cherry table grapes, and Poggio Capitana, a reserve made from pure sangiovese grapes: two wines that bring with them the story of that unique terrain, the magic of the sea breeze and the passion Of its creators.

The company’s success was not long in coming. The idea of producing top-quality organic wines while respecting nature and using native grape varieties such as the half-unknown ciliegiolo, a cinderella of grape varieties, and sangiovese creates enormous interest.

In fact, Poggio Ciliegio, the result of careful vineyard care and artisanal and organic processing, wins the hearts of connoisseurs and wine lovers, earning much praise at various festivals, including Vinitaly.

Paolino, nicknamed the wine architect by Americans for his mastery in creating true works of winemaking art, manages to convey thesoul of Maremma in every sip.

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